Gateway Building

First Interstate Bank | Bangs Mccullen Law Firm

Rapid City . SD   |   $12.5 Million   |  53,000 sq. ft.   |   Completion 2006

_DSC5032 perspective corrected.jpg

With its prominent location at the busiest intersection of Rapid City, the Gateway Building presents itself as the threshold of the community and the Black Hills. The elegant and arching lines of the building’s exterior are an expression of the Western theme inherent in all First Western Bank designs, yet it redefines “western” through a truly unique integration of form and function.

The leadership and creativity of the ARC International team is evident from the traditional stone base, through the towering assemblies of steel, to the shimmering glass. The exterior structure stands as a symbol of the bank’s presence and permanence in the community and represents the progressive vision of the professionals working within. When defining the “value of design,” the Gateway speaks for itself.


The interior of the Gateway melds the strong design statement of the exterior with an individualized approach to each owner’s needs and style. The visitor is greeted by the warm space of the public lobby. The interior spaces wrap around in gentle arcs and are complimented by a fireplace, casual furniture arrangements, and artwork. The interior design is a reflection of the values held dear by the Dakota professional: quality, genuineness, strength, and a natural expression of the richness of our heritage. Such a statement is the result of an extensive process of research, creativity, design, engineering, materials, and construction realities – a process that ARC International incorporates into every project, large or small.