The Construction Phase

Making visions real:

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GFP constructionARC International is committed to seeing your project through to the end.  The Lead Architect of your project is also the primary overseer of the construction of your building. Under the umbrella of ARC International, the contractors and sub-contractors are coordinated. By paying attention to the logistical details, we free up the client to focus on other things more important to them.

“Progress Review Meetings” frequently take place between ARC, the builders, and the client to ensure that project issues are quickly identified and solved. Acting as intermediaries, we can often avoid delays and expensive alterations. Cost controls ensure that projected cost and actual expenses stay in balance.

on siteBecause we position ourselves as a continual presence during this phase, ARC has a history of making significant cost value decisions. By working closely with all parties involved in construction, we can often save significant amounts of money on materials and labor – it’s just another way we bring value into a project.

At ARC International, our job isn’t complete until your project is complete. From the day we first begin to investigate your idea until the day we stand with you as you cut the ribbon, you can rest assured that you have received the best possible value in your design, from beginning to end.