Value in Design: Function

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interior dental officeBy carefully defining the purpose of a facility, ARC International begins to create a design that functions with the highest possible effectiveness, considering everything that contributes to an enhanced workspace.

We design structures around space, the spaces you and your people need to function as a team. Basic flows of activity, the temperature in each room, the way that natural and artificial light reach into the workspace… elements such as these continually interact with each other. Simple considerations such as the location of a desk, the placement of a resource closet, or the direction a door opens can have a great influence on operational costs and human efficiency.

We consider each of these elements carefully as we create an environment that maximizes the function of a facility and increases the productivity of those that work in it.

Sometimes there is a lot of pressure on a job site, so it’s nice to work with people who value our work. The people at ARC are fun to be around; very personable and positive. They are easy to talk to; they listen to our ideas and treat us as peers–and they stay involved in the project from beginning to end. It makes our job more enjoyable when we are a part of a good team like that.

—Robert Johnson, Construction Superintendent.