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ARC team membersAt ARC International, we work best with clients that understand the enduring value of our work. Our clients recognize that the financial investment made in the design will be paid back many times over through function, aesthetics, image, and longevity of the physical structure.

Historically, an architect’s fees are calculated as a percentage of the cost of the project. The potential conflict of interest is easily seen: The more the project costs, the more the architect gets paid.

In order to be fair and up-front, we charge standard hourly rates regardless of the building cost of your project. Because our fees reflect the value of our time, creativity and expertise, we are motivated to make your cost concerns one of our priorities. We have a reputation for cutting out unnecessary expenses from a design. We work hard to reduce construction costs even as we are maintaining high standards for all material and workmanship throughout all phases of the project. We also use a transparent billing system that allows you to track our fees and expenses at every stage.

When it comes to the bottom line, the fee structure at ARC International is just one more way we bring the best value to your design.

As the head of ARC International, Donovan understands the whole project. As the son of a general contractor and one of six brothers, all of which are in construction. He understands that a good building doesn’t just have nice marble counters. He knows that the supporting mechanical systems are an essential part of the project. His designs are incredibly efficient because he gives engineers the space and freedom they need to do their best work.

-Joel Porch, Mechanical Engineer, HPV Equipment Supplier.