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ARC International buildingFew things shape the contour of our days like the environments in which we live and work. The spaces we occupy define how we move and interact, how we create and think, and how we produce and serve.

At ARC International, we understand the significance of architectural design and the impact it has on the way people live and work. From the exterior image that a facility projects to its community, to the minute details of interior layout; design has long lasting implications for the people and the organization that a facility houses.

Ultimately, buildings are not about the structure. Buildings are about people; people who occupy the space a building creates for significant portions of their lives. Because of the far-reaching implications of architectural design, ARC International is firmly committed to creating the greatest possible level of value in design through a comprehensive design and construction process that emerges from the synergy of qualified designers, engineers, and contractors working together as a team.

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ARC International has been providing quality architecture in the Midwest region since 1999. Using a team of highly qualified architects, designers and engineers, ARC brings exceptional creativity, practicality and service into the design of projects large and small.

Our work emerges from the conviction that true value comes from a carefully crafted balance between function, aesthetics, images, longevity and a conscious awareness of the environment and the importance of sustainable design. We believe that the best value in design comes from the combined effort of talented individuals and proven professional organizations who share their expertise as part of a team to create ideal solutions to our clients.

“ARC International is doing design work that is different, beyond our time, and “out of the box.” When they come to us with a plan, they are flexible and open to suggestions to make it work. They respect our expertise, listen to our thoughts and ideas, and give us the leeway to do our best work. The bottom line is that ARC wants to get the job done and have it look right”.

-Tim Roth, Owner, Riss Cabinetry.